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Create a parent account that allows you to view all of your students with one account. You can also manage your account preferences. Learn more.


You will need to create a Parent Account (just under the Westwind logo, there is a tab for Create Account), and add your students to your account(with your students guardian name/password), then you can logon to your account to see all of your Westwind Students Information. If you have troubles, please contact your School Secretary or call 403-653-5643


You can logon with the account you have from your School, it will be a generated username (if you were Luke Skywalker, your username might be Skyw123 and a 4 or six digit password.) If you do not know your Username and Password, ask you School Office.

PowerSchool App - for Parents and Students (Westwind District Code:PPJQ)

The app is available from the Apple iTunes Store and from the Google Play store, see this link to download.PowerSchool Mobile